Friday, August 29, 2014


A lot of things have changed since my last post. I have a confession to make. I'm a recovering addict. I lived in the pits of helll for almost six years and on June 12, 2014 I checked myself into a rehab in West Palm beach Florida. I stayed there for 35 days and got my life back. I am beyond thankful for that place and all the people I met that changed my life. Since I have been home, things have not been perfect, but with every struggle I've picked myself right back up and surrendered to my higher power Jesus Christ. I go to meetings every day after work. I have a wonderful sponsor and an amazing Support system. I am beyond thankful to be sober. I wanted to share this because I feel like I haven't been honest on here and this is the place I need to be honest. It's my space to let everything out and I need that now more than ever. I've really missed posting on here. And I've missed all my blogger friends. Recovery is about getting real with yourself and others and that's what I intend to do........

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