Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Randoms

This week has been kind of crazy. I haven’t been able to stick to my normal schedule, which also means I haven’t been able to get a lot done. That’s ok though. I have a nice, pretty little reminder on my phone thanks to the app Google Keep.



It’s cute, it’s easy, and it helps to keep my many tasks all in one place.


I wish this was my to do list ha ha!


You can download Google Keep for free on Google Play.

I have started a new daily devotional {I might as well not even call it “daily” because I get so into it a do it all in like 2-3 days}. Anyways….I started a new She Reads Truth devotional on Peter and it’s very insightful. Also, for the longest time, I have been using The Message Bible {which I own and still love}, but I have discovered The New Living Translation and I am in love. It’s so much easier to understand. It simplifies verses and translates them into a way that I personally can connect with and understand. I have been setting all of my devotional readings to this Bible setting.


I will leave you with a sweet pic of me and my sweet baby. This was taken about a year ago, but I just edited it with Photo Effects Online. It’s awesome and has a ton of different vintage picture options {which are my favorite!} Go there and check it out.

Have A Great Weekend!

Fotor0915172944 (128x245)

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