Friday, November 30, 2012

Random Friday Thoughts

Hello sweet blog friends! I hope this has been a fabulous week for you! I can't say it has for me, but I'm trying to make the best of it. I have been sick since last week.....coughing, sinus pressure, pounding head every-single-day {especially when I first wake up in the mornings}. I have been to the doctor and it seems like the pharmacy is becoming a 2nd home for me. I am taking antibiotics, steroids, cough medicine, Mucinex, and NyQuil. I've had to leave early two days this week because I just felt so horrible. As you know, I teach Pre-K and I have a classroom full of 20 little ones.....who have ALL BEEN SICK.... which means I get whatever they happen to bring in. :(( My doctor said that I was probably having a hard time getting over this because I keep getting exposed to it over and over. Now, the stomach virus has made it's way to our classroom and I am just praying that I don't wind up with that! UGH.....I'm such a baby when it comes to being sick to my please say a little prayer that the virus totally bypasses me.
   So, my last post was all about what's been going on in my life and all the changes i've been going through. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my last post or not but I chopped all my hair off back in August. Before I cut it, it was a little passed my shoulder blades! Here is what it looked like after the big cut:
Well.....I got my hair done today {will post pics of it when I actually have makeup on and haven't been sick for two weeks :P} and chopped off even more hair. So now, it's a little above my shoulders, mocha brown with blonde highlights, and adorable side bangs. I love love love the new look and it's going to be so quick and easy to do {dealing with 20 kids every day....quick and easy is what I want haha!}
   I also got my very first tattoo back in August. It was something I had been wanting to do for a very long time, but I either never had the money, or was just to chicken to go through with it. I always knew exactly what I wanted though. I have always had a thing for dragonflies. We have this weird connection thing going on {I know.....I sound like a total weirdo right now, but it's true!} I've held two in the palm of my hand and I constantly see them either flying around my car or flying around me. My Mom and I joke that when I die {and if it's before her} I'm going to come back as a dragonfly and annoy the crap out of her haha! So check it out:
What do you think? Beautiful right? {At least I think so....and that's all that matters.} :))
And lastly......I turned the big 25 this year! It's so crazy to think that I am 5 years away from being 30!! Where does the time go? Even though I turned 25 this year.....I still had a Hello Kitty cake {red absolute FAVORITE.....YUM!} I will be 90 years old and still want a Hello Kitty birthday cake haha! Some things never change! :)
:)) Love it!
Happy Friday Y'all!!

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  1. Love the shorter hair! I chopped my hair off over the summer and have kept it short since. It's so much easier to maintain!
    I love the tattoo, I have a butterfly on my shoulder.