Monday, November 21, 2011

I Just Don't Get It.....

Ok....I just don't understand the whole Taylor Swift thing. What's so special about her??? She's not pretty AT fact, she's very AWKWARD looking and has NO BODY! She can't sing & her song writing isn't that impressive either. SO how in the world did she beat Adele at the AMA's??? Adele is absolutely AMAZING! She's so talented and I don't think I've heard one song of hers that I didn't LOVE (not just like.....LOVE!) What in the world are people thinking?!?!  (Oh & btw....while I'm on the subject of Taylor Swift....I'm sorry but I thought that Kayne West stunt was so stinkin hilarious! I LOVE KAYNE!!) 
    Anyways.....I just HAD to get that off my chest. I feel better now haha! Actually.....I feel pretty awesome right now! I just had the most amazing meal ever! I got a chicken chimichanga (sp??) with an order of cheese dip & OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS.....IT WAS SO DELISH! I hardly ever eat out and I literally only eat Mexican a few times a when I do have it I savor every single bite of it! (And I'm pretty sure that Kobe liked the cheese dip! He tried to sneak a few bites of it, but the cheese dip on his nose totally gave him away haha!)

Hope everyone had a GREAT Monday!

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