Saturday, November 19, 2011

For Everything A Reason....

Have any of you been watching American Horror Story?? Well.....I may or may not be just a tad bit obsessed with this show. I hardly ever watch tv & very few shows do I get addicted to and just have to see every episode {except for The Office!} but this show is absolutely AMAZING! I knew when I first saw the previews for it that it would be something I would most definitely like. It looked scary, a bit confusing, and somewhat demented {which always gets my attention haha!} So anyways, after the first episode, I was HOOKED! I have seen every-single-episode & I am DYING to see the new one that comes on this Wednesday! The reason that I brought this show up is because not only is it a completely awesome show, but it also has some amazing music. I discovered a song that has now become one of my favorite songs ever. It's called For Everything A Reason by Carina Round. You MUST listen! It's soooo good!

Has anyone seen the new issue of People? Seriously.....Bradley Cooper was named Sexiest Man Alive! REALLY??  What were these people smoking?!? First of all, I don't even think Bradley Cooper is CUTE....much less the Sexiest Man Alive! Second.....Ryan Gosling was ROBBED! It was definitely HIS year & he is BY FAR *THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE* {To me} he is the PERFECT MAN! Mmmmm.....what I wouldn't do for one night with him haha!!


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