Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heart Therapy

Eisy Morgan is doing a "Heart Therapy" link up today & it was on my heart to participate in this. Today's prompt is to write as your older self to who you are right now. So here it goes.....

 Things are not always as bad as they seem. Life is not always as bad as it seems. I know at this time you are feeling sad, alone, angry, and regretful, but "This too shall pass." You will get all the things your heart desires. It may not be when you want it or how you want it, but God will provide. He knows what is best for you & if you would take a deep breath and really be honest with yourself, you too would realize that now is not the best time for you to be married or have a baby. I know that's what you want more than anything in this world, and you will get those things, but you are not in a position right now to be the best wife or mother. First, you must make things right with yourself. You must forgive yourself for the things that keep you from having a happy life. Those were mistakes & everybody makes them. And the so called happy people who post every bit of their "perfect" lives on facebook are not what they seem. So don't look at their lives and feel bad about yours.....I promise, one day you will look back and think "Why in the world did I compare my life to theirs?" People only want you to think that their lives are perfect, but guess what? Nobody has a perfect life and you will come to realize this in the future. Your job right now is to put God first, pray and pray hard, love those around you like there's no tomorrow, and most importantly, love yourself. You are your own worst enemy girl! Take care of and love your's the only one you've got! You're beautiful and if you don't see that, then why should you expect others to see it? I know you are sad about Bobby, but in time you will realize that he was not what God wanted for you. God will bring someone so wonderful into your life and you will be thankful that Bobby moved on with his life. Now, move on with yours. Spend more time with your family, because they won't be here forever. Love your good, true friends because they have stuck by you and helped you through the worst things you've dealt with. And last, but not least, don't be mad at God, say prayers of thanksgiving for all He has done for you. You truly are blessed and I know right now it's hard to see that, but in time it will all make sense. Enjoy being young, healthy, and full of life. You're gonna regret it if you don't.

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  1. Great post. Isn't it funny that when we actually talk to ourselves like we would a friend we are much kinder and gentle with ourselves than when we talk to ourselves in our heads. Believe the truth you know about yourself girl. Thanks for being brave.