Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Windows Are Up.....

Fall candles and incense are burning. Music is playing. Spent the morning eating pancakes with great friends. I'd say it's an all around beautiful Saturday. :) Last night, however, wasn't so beautiful. I won't go into details, but I will say that I know now that I HAVE to stay away from some places, because every stinkin time I go to this place, something bad ends up happening. It took me from the time I was 19 until now to figure that out & put 2 and 2 together, but now that I know I can't go to this place, I think all is going to be good from now on and I have learned my lesson{s}.

So far it's been a sunny, gorgeous day. Thank goodness for that, because I am really OVER the rain. It has rained every single day this week and I can't stand that. I know we need it, but I also need some sunshine in order to be happy HaHa! All I can say is thank goodness for the tanning bed on days when there is no sun!

I need to clean my apartment again. I really can't stand a messy house! I need to get one of those cleaning schedules that I have been seeing on every one's blogs. That would help a lot if I did certain things on certain days, so I don't get too overwhelmed and not clean at all. {That's usually what ends up happening HaHa!}

I am going to be starting my green smoothies this week and I am so excited about trying one. They look really good and they are really good for you. They are also supposed to give you energy and make you feel really good.....and goodness knows I need that! I would LOVE to start running every morning. I just need motivation, energy, and I would love to have some new running shoes! I saw some runners this morning and they looked amazing and seemed so happy and energetic. I definitely want to feel that way! I think I may try to get up and run one morning and see how it makes me feel. {If I can do it without having a heart-attack! HaHa!} I have GOT TO start taking better care of myself {physically, mentally, and spiritually.} I have found a church that I really like and that has slowly, but surely been changing my outlook on things. Now things are no longer horrible, out of reach, or just not doable. Because I know I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. It's a beautiful realization and I am so thankful for this change that is taking place within me. Please keep me in your prayers during this change in my life.

*Happy Saturday Y'all!*

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