Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day = Beauty Day

My friend "V" called me this morning and invited me over to her house to have breakfast with her and the girls. I got there a little late, so everyone else was done eating, but you know me....I love to eat, so I didn't hesitate to make me a plate of yummy cantaloupe, vegetarian sausage, eggs, and wheat toast. It was GREAT and just what I needed on this rainy, gloomy Labor Day.  Then, V tells me that today is "beauty day" and that we would be doing faces, teeth, hands, feet, and whatever else needs to be done. I was so excited about this, because I have been wanting to whiten my teeth for a long time & I finally did it today. They do look whiter, but it's some of those strips that you have to use every day for awhile to see the full results. I'm still glad I did it though, because you can tell a difference. We ended up watching "American Pickers" all morning {which I had never seen, but now I'm obsessed with} and then everyone got sleepy, so I decided to come home and chill for a little while. It's hard not to feel sleepy when it's cool and raining outside. It's making me tired right now listening to it hit the roof. I'll be glad when the sun comes back. I need sunshine in my life to keep me from going crazy.

I had all this stuff planned out for today, but it looks like it's just going to have to wait for another day or so. I do want to workout though, I know that would make me feel a lot better. And it's Zumba, so it will be fun and I won't even know I'm working out, because most likely, I'll be laughing at myself. {I look ridiculous trying to Zumba, but least I'm doing something ya know!}

Anyways......hope everyone is having a great Labor Day {even if it is cold and rainy!}

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