Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Ok...

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I've never done this link up, but I have seen it on several of the blogs I read and it looked like so much fun, so I just had to try it!

It's Ok.......

to go to bed at 9 and not get up until after 10 the next morning. Sometimes you just need that extra sleep!

to be sad that summer's coming to an end, but to still be super excited about fall!

to say you're going to work out and then realize that what you really want to do is sit outside, read a good book, and enjoy the weather.

to put things off until the very last minute. Some people work better under pressure!

to {sometimes} have pizza and mac & cheese in the same meal. Sometimes a girl needs her extra carbs (:

to think that my cat is the cutest, most beautiful baby in the world. {Especially when he's wearing his little red fall sweater with the jingle bells on it ha ha!}

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