Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What are you loving on this beautiful last Wednesday in August? Link up HERE and share all your lovins! I am loving some pretty awesome things this here we go:

*~ 1.~*
Of course the first thing I am going to say is my hair! {How could I not?!?} I love everything about it! The color{s}, the layers, and the pretty green feather that just seems to make the red seem that much more red! I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, and even without having any make-up on, I still looked pretty good. {I am in no way a conceited person, I just wanted to point out that the red hair makes my green eyes POP!} Red hair is my absolute favorite, but it's not simply red....she put a "violet" color in it too. So when you look at it in a certain light, it looks a bit purple. SO COOL! I'm always up for anything wild or different. :) I am going to put up a few pics that I took today out in the sun {because the only thing I had to take them with was my crappy phone, so I needed that good lighting.} Enjoy!

*~ 2.~*
I'm loving the fact that at 3:00 today, I have a job interview for a position as an E.A. for Cannon County. I'm not sure which school, because there were a couple of schools that were hiring EA's, so hopefully {if I get hired} they will let me pick which school I want to work at. I have my fingers crossed and I have said prayers that I get this job. I really really need it. I mean don't get me wrong, I want nothing more than to have an actual teaching job, but if I can't have that, then I have to have SOMETHING to help pay the rent {and to keep my hair colored and keep some feathers in it lol!} So if you think about it, please send up a little prayer for me today. I would really appreciate it. I know there is a reason why I don't have my own classroom at the moment and when I do get my own room, I will be that much more appreciative and be a much better teacher because I actually had to work at getting a job and wasn't just given a job because the principal knew my family {but let's not get into's a good day and that will most definitely get me fightin mad!}

*~ 3.~*
I'm loving that our Benny dog is ok. Click HERE to read about what happened to him. I'm also loving my sweet, little Kobe cat. :) 

{This was from 2007} Look at how little my sweet Boo-boo was!!
Happy Wednesday Y'all! Don't Forget To Link Up!

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