Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This post may be a little boring because my life has been somewhat "uneventful." I'm really wishing that I had a teaching job & my own classroom. I've been subbing {and I'm very thankful for that} but I so want my own own rules & own decorating scheme {lol}. I have so many awesome ideas about how I want my room to look. There are also some really great teaching blogs out there that usually offer free printables. So, needless to say, I have a file on my computer that is nothing but free printables.  Oh I love things that are free!!  :) For graduation, my parents promised me a Cricut for when I do get my own room & I am so looking forward to that! I haven't gotten it yet. I still need to pick out the one I want. Of course it's going to be used for more than just school projects.....I just might make some cute things for my apartment.  ;)

I went to Hastings the other day and bought one of my Type O cd's back that I had to get rid of awhile ago to be able to put some gas in my car. {Sometimes it sucks having to be a responsible adult!} But while I was there, I saw the 1st season of the show Newlyweds {Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson}. It used to come on Mtv and it was one of my most favorite shows {and they were definitely my favorite couple! I literally cried when they announced they were splitting!} was only like $7 and I could not leave the store without it. I used to have all the seasons of the show, but as I mentioned before, I had to get rid of them to be able to pay for whatever it was I needed at the time. So...I'm working on getting my collection built back up! I watched all of season 1 this past weekend and ahhh....I stinkin loved it!! I can't wait to get the rest of the seasons! It sucks that Nick married that one chick {who is hideous compared to Jess} and Jess is engaged to what's his name. I so wanted them to get back together {I may or may not have personal reasons for this. Bob and I used to love that show and we would watch it together all the time. If Nick and Jess got back together, then so would me and Bob....ridiculous I know!} Anyways....I'm going to leave you guys with some of my favorite pics of my favorite {used to be} couple. Happy Tuesday Y'all!!

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