Sunday, July 10, 2011

sunday thoughts

i know, i know....i didn't post a weekly recap for last week. honestly, i have been busy. busy rearranging my apartment. busy working out. busy reading & watching tv { i know that's not technically being "busy" but it does take up my time}. i woke up one day last week & realized i really wanted to move things around in my apartment. i've lived here since 2007 & haven't really rearranged things {which is strange, because i used to move things around at least once a month!} sooooo......i came up with a plan on where i wanted everything to be, what i wanted to get rid of, and what i wanted to move to the junk spare room. i got started and was able to get some things accomplished, but i'm still working & it's very chaotic in here. stuff is everywhere. thank goodness i never really have company, because this would be so embarrassing! i'm hoping to have everything finished in the next couple of days. when everything is in it's new place, i will post pics. i've never posted pics of my apartment, because i have never been 100% happy with it, but i think me rearranging some things, getting rid of some things, and cleaning up....i will feel a lot better about it! i know it will never be perfect, but that's what makes it so awesome. besides.......perfect is boring.....i have to have a little organized chaos.  :)   happy sunday y'all!

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