Tuesday, July 5, 2011

rainy tuesday thoughts

ok....casey anthony....not guilty??? really people?? this makes me so incredibly mad! that cold-hearted, piece of crap excuse for a woman literally "got away with murder." what is wrong with our judicial system. they might as well tell everyone that it's ok to murder your children....because you won't be held responsible for it. ugh! this sickens me! well....casey anthony & every single one of those jurors will be held accountable when they meet their maker. in my opinion, those jurors are just as guilty as casey. they chose to let her get away with murdering her poor, sweet, innocent, beautiful little girl.

it's really coming down outside right now. i know we need the rain, but it doesn't just rain here in the boro.... it FLOODS! i'll have to swim to my car if i want to leave anytime soon. :(  

i put my wedding dress on the internet to try & get rid of the stinkin thing! it's a gorgeous dress & all, but i won't be wearing it anytime soon. plus i bought it to marry someone else in, so i could never really feel right about wearing it. this is a good thing though, because honestly i am in desperate need of $$. plus, it's just wasting away in my closet. maybe it will bring joy to someone else.

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  1. Hey. I saw your comment on the Wiegands and your name caught my eye. My name is Chi Anne- so I wanted to say Hello!! Nice name!! Sounds like the Lord is teaching you the fruits of the spirit (Galatians: peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control, love, joy... in this season of your life. No worries He will provide.