Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Let me just say that it feels WONDERFUL outside today! It's sunny and there's a cool wind blowing. I wish every-single-day could feel like this! would never be able to get me to come in the house!

Yesterday was an all around awesome, AMAZING day! Tim got here at a little after one & we stopped at a little country store to have lunch before we headed to the lake for the rest of the day! I had some chicken strips and fries with honey mustard {of course!} & it was SO GOOD! I was starving by this time & it definitely "hit the spot." After we finished eating, we drove out to the lake. There weren't a lot of people there, so it was a nice, relaxing "getaway" from all the stress I've been experiencing here lately. The water was perfect. It seriously felt like bath water. Tim had to jump off the rope-swing, so I just stood by & watched. {I was too much of a scaredy cat to do it myself!} We ended up leaving at around 6:30. I had so much fun & it was definitely a much needed day!

Here's a pic from our adventurous day at the lake:  
Later, Tim played at The Boulevard Bar & Grill, so I went out there for a little while to see him play. It was an awesome performance & he has one of the best voices I've ever heard! Everyone there loved him & we all had a really good time!

Today, I'm just chilling at the apartment with my baby Kobe. We're taking it easy today haha! Seriously, I'm not used to going, going, going. I haven't done that since I was like 19! I'm an old woman now, I have to take it easy on myself haha! I am thankful for all the fun I've been having here lately. There for awhile, I would just sit in my apartment by myself and be bored out of my mind and miserable! So this week/weekend was MUCH NEEDED! I have no idea what I'll be doing tomorrow, but I would like to get some cleaning & decorating done! Since my Grandmother moved {yet again!} she has given me a lot of VERY CUTE, vintage decorations that I'm dying to get out of my car & find a place for them in my little apartment! I also plan on doing a lot of reading tomorrow. I just started a book {one that my Grandmother gave me} and it's about Tammy Wynette. I have to admit that at first I wasn't sure if I would like it at all, but now I can't put the darn thing down! I love books like that! If I was rich, I would spend so much of my $$ at Barnes & Noble. I would have to have a U-haul to come pick up all the books I bought haha!

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Sunday!

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