Wednesday, May 11, 2011


  • What I Love Wednesday's {Via Jamie }

    This Wednesday is a sad one for myself and my family. One of our dogs got run over last night, and my brother found her this morning. She was a beautiful, big, white Great Pyrenees/Lab Mix who was so sweet & always looked like she was smiling. She was our "goat dog", but also a member of the family. Please keep my family in your prayers {Especially my little brother, because it was technically his dog.} And people.....please slow down....backroads are not interstates. There is no explanation for why our dog was killed other than those idiots were flying down our road {which has a speed limit of 30!!!} UGH!!

    Anyways....some things I am loving this week are:

  • I had an interview today at one of the most gorgeous schools I have ever seen in my life. It's not a teaching position, but an EA. I would work from 8-1 Monday through Friday assisting Kindergarten through 2nd grades. The interview went well, and I should know something by tomorrow afternoon.

  • I finished the book The Hot Zone and I have now started reading Intensity by Dean Koontz. If you haven't read this book, I strongly recommend reading it! I cannot put it down!! It's one of those books that has you "on edge" while you're reading it!

  • I love love love the show Mob Wives on VH1! Those women are so hilarious! I've always loved anything having to do with the mafia, and seeing what these girls have to go through because of their lifestyles is so entertaining!

  • I'm loving that I got to spend Mother's Day with the most incredible Mama in the whole world. I am so thankful to have such an awesome woman as my Mama {& as Kobe's 2-Ma! haha!} I am looking forward to watching the new Madea movie with her this weekend! I love you Mama!

  • I'm loving that Kobe had a bath on Sunday. {Although I'm not loving the reason why he had to have a bath, so I won't get into that!} He smells so good & his fur is so soft & shiny! I can't stop picking him up and kissing him and smelling him lol! {He gets so mad at me for doing this, but I just can't help myself....he's so darn precious!}

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

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