Thursday, May 12, 2011

Who I Am....

Who I Am.... {Via CMae }

I am...Chianne Renee. {This means I am a daughter, big sister, friend, mother to Kobe & I just recently became an aunt!}

I want...a happy life. This includes: a wonderful, loving husband, a teaching job at a school I love, a cute little house, & of course a baby.

I amazing family who I love with all my heart. These past few months {well honestly these past few years} have been really tough for me & my family has stood by me no matter what the situation was. I am very blessed to have them.

I was "frappy hour" at S-Bucks so I could go get another one of their new Mocha Coconut Fraps for half price! I had one yesterday & oh my goodness.....*AMAZING*.

I hate...all these stinkin Cicadas. They are literally EVERYWHERE & they fly right at my face every-single-stinkin-time I go outside! And their nasty shells are all over the side of my house! YUCK!

I fear...that I will never have the things I want most out of life: a wonderful husband & lots of happy, healthy babies.

I hear...those stinkin Cicadas!

I search...for fun, crazy hair colors all the time! I'm ready to do something different to my hair. Maybe blue/black with some red??

I wonder...if I'll ever find a teaching job!!! It's ridiculous to go to school for five years (I changed my major a few times), FINALLY graduate, & then not be able to find a stinkin teaching job ANYWHERE! Come on people!!

I regret...A lot of things. Mostly not marrying my high school sweetheart. My life would have been so different right now....probably so much happier. I don't want to be in this place anymore. I wish I could go back and fix things...but it's too late for that. :(

I family, Kobe, Mocha Coconut Fraps from S-bucks, The Office {WITH MICHAEL SCOTT!}, coffee, music, driving, reading, cleaning/organizing, working out, & tanning!

I ache...right now....sounds really lame....but my heart. Our dog got run over the other night. Plus everything just seems to be going badly for me. I'm trying to be positive, but sometimes I just breakdown & have a good cry. :P

I always...READ! I can't imagine a day going by without me picking up one of my books to read!

I usually...have trouble sleeping. It's like I can't get my brain to shut-down at the end of the day. This means that I am always tired the next day!

I am today {even though I should!} I just don't feel like it!

I dance...all the time! I don't care how ridiculous I look. It makes me feel good and I love it!

I sing...all the time. I am horrible but I don't care!

I what I'm told to do. I've always been somewhat of a "free spirit" and I really really don't like authority! I'm so glad that my little brother is a good kid & hasn't followed in the footsteps of his big sissy haha! I'm not a bad person....I just don't like being told that I can't do something....because usually I'll immediately go do it. ;)

I sometimes...drink waaayyy too much coffee! I can't help it.....I'm an addict.

I cry...a lot here lately. I sure hope things get better soon.

I am not always..."lady-like" especially when I lose my temper. When that happens....the true redneck comes out in me. I'm not afraid to say EXACTLY what I'm thinking.

I temper when someone messes with my family or friends. I've been told that I'm scary when I'm mad haha! Good....don't make me mad!

I am people. More specifically.....GUYS!

I have my hair colored!

I should...go tan right now! I am planning to go dark with my hair, so I need to have a really dark tan so I won't look gothic!

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  1. glad you played along! I like your signature!