Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Recap

I got this from Picking Wildflowers so I wanted to give her the credit. I thought it was an awesome idea!

In One Word Or Phrase: "Life goes on."

I'm Dreaming Of You: Happiness

Song On Repeat: Several...."Bleeding Love" --Leona Lewis, "Scarborough Fair"--Simon & Garfunkel, "Loser"--3 Doors Down

Gotta Write It Down: "You gotta learn to live & live & learn. You gotta learn to give & wait your turn." --The Raconteurs

Lesson Learned: People aren't who you think they are. You think you know someone so well & they just do something that leaves you stunned & speechless. Don't be so quick to trust!

Picture To Frame:
Good, TRUE friends will ALWAYS be there for you....

Highlight Of The Week: Field-trip with my 3rd graders to Rock City. Seeing the beauty of nature & getting out of this damn apartment!

Weekend To Do List: Try to survive!

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