Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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This Wednesday I'm loving:

1. My doctors appointment went well today. I had an ultrasound done & everything was normal. So thankful for that! My swelling has gone down & there is no pain anymore! Woohoo!

2. I just got May's issue of House Beautiful Magazine! I am so excited & very much ready to lose myself in it! :)

3. Today is my Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday Sweet Daddy!

4. My favorite Subway Sandwich is back! It's the Orchard Chicken Salad sandwich and let me tell is SO GOOD! I'm a big fan of chicken salad sandwiches & this one along with Zaxby's chicken salad sandwich are the absolute best ones I have ever tasted in my life! I am definitely going to get one TODAY!

5. Yesterday, I received my teaching license in the mail! Man was I so HAPPY! All my studying and hard work has finally paid off! Now if I can only find a job I'd be all set!

6. In a couple of days, the new Madea movie comes out! Tyler Perry movies are some of my absolute favorites! My Mom & I are planning to go see it this weekend! It looks super funny & I could definitely use a good laugh!

7. I bought some Tresume' curl activator spray this week & this is THE BEST STUFF EVER! I love to wear my hair down and curly & this stuff gets the job done!

8. I'm loving my mini boxes of cereal. I LOVE to eat cereal and these are perfectly portioned for me! Plus...the little boxes are so adorable!

9. I'm looking forward to a new Office episode on Thursday night! It's my favorite show EVER!

10. I'm loving my amazing (& supportive) family & my sweet baby Kobe (who gets cuter every stinkin day!).

hApPy WeDnEsDaY eVeRyOnE!!


  1. Love this post!
    Great things you are loving today!

  2. Girl! You are loving awesome things today! I said something about the Office on mine too :)Praise God for a good doctor report! And I can't wait for the new Madea movie to come out!!! Happy Wednesday!

  3. congrats on getting that teacher certificate girl! annnnd everything else you posted haha! xo

  4. Yay for the office! Thanks for your sweet sweet comment! And girl.. wish we could sit down and talk! I have been in a similar situation. dated a guy for almost 7 years. he cheated on me with a girl his brother and mom (who knew we were getting married) introduced him too. their wedding was pretty much identical to ours, and same month... oh and she also got my ring! i am healed from that one finally! it does take time. oh time. my last relationship is that i am healing from is a different one sadly! ha ha. good friends are key, and i am praying for you too!! healing can be a beautiful thing! and watching funny episodes of the office help :)