Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

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This Wednesday I'm loving:

1. I am feeling a little better {even though I didn't sleep *AT ALL* last night}. My throat isn't hurting anymore, there's no more cough, & the runny nose is gOnE! YAY!

2. I got a phone call at 5:30 this morning from one of my best friends {who now lives like 40 minutes away from me....BOO!} It was storming & the tornado sirens were going off, but I didn't think anything about it because here lately that's like an everyday thing in Murfreesboro. friend called & she was scared to death {bless her heart}. She told me to turn the TV on and to be watching because there was a tornado headed my way. So I did & sure enough they spotted rotation on the road directly before my road and advised people to "seek shelter immediately." Sooooo.....I grabbed Kobe & we sat in the shower, scared to death. In high school, my best friend's home was destroyed by a tornado & one of our friends died in that storm. Then, a couple of years ago a girl I knew {who had just had a precious baby girl} was killed {along with her sweet baby girl} in this horrible storm. Needless to say....I was one scared girl this morning. Thankfully it passed though. It's supposed to get bad again later today, but I'm praying that it doesn't. I'm loving that Kobe & I are safe and sound in our apartment!

3. Speaking of Kobe...I made him a little sign to go above his food bowl. He now has his own personal "Kobe Space" haha! {He's basically King of the whole apartment...but I just thought it would be cute haha!} I'm trying to do more things to make the apartment cute, bright, happy, and "mine". See, I thought that by now I would be married, living in a nice house, with a good teaching job, and a baby on the way. But.....things don't always work out that way, so I'm trying to take what I have and roll with it. :-P Here's Kobe's little sign:

4. I'm reading a book called Relic and it's sooooo good! I literally can't put it down! It took me awhile to get into it. {I started reading it last spring & just wasn't feeling it}. I found it a couple of weeks ago and decided to try it again. Some of the terms in the book are very difficult to understand, but it's a good story & kind of scary! I love it!

5. I'm loving that I got to see my beautiful niece El this past weekend. I hadn't seen her for a few weeks & man has she grown! I really missed that sweet face! She's such an angel! Aunt Chi loves her so much! Hopefully I'll get to see her again this week!

6. I'm finally starting to get things cleaned up in my apartment! {Thank goodness!} There's nothing better than a clean, clutter-free house that smells like my honeysuckle wallflowers!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. hey girl! thanks so much for the info on the tabs! you are awesome and i can't wait to try it out! as far as the tornado stuff... i slept (got no sleep) on the couch i was so scared. i was armed with stuff and had pillows in the tub just in case! i saw it was coming to Murfreesboro. I am in Nashville but South Nashville so close to you. Stay safe today!!!

  2. Stopping by from the WILW link-up to say hi. I'm so glad that the storm passed and you are okay! I HATE tornado season!

  3. Glad that you are safe from all that bad weather - cute blog darlin!