Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I love Wednesday

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This Wednesday I'm loving:

1. The gorgeous spring weather! It has been cold & raining the past few days & today it feels glorious outside! I love Spring!

2. I saw some GORGEOUS tulips yesterday! Tulips are my favorite! (Along with honey-suckles...can't wait for those to come out!!)

3. Everyday, my dad sends me bible verses to read. I love this! I have been reading my bible a lot more lately & I find that when I read it, I feel so much better about things. It's very comforting. I decided that I am going to start picking out verses that I love, write them on some pretty scrapbook paper, and hang them in different places around my apartment just to remind me that God is always with me & things will be ok if I let Him have control.

4. My rosemary has finally started to sprout. There is one single sprout in the pot! I was so excited when I saw this, because I was starting to think that I had killed my rosemary before it even sprouted! I set it out in the warm sunshine today, so maybe that will help move things along!

5. The Kennedy's mini-series!! It started Sunday night & I have been watching it everytime it's been on! I love JFK!!

6. I saw part of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" & I LOVED what I saw! I want to see the rest of the movie & read the book!

7. Kobe seems to be feeling better. Maybe his new cat food is helping his little stomach. I sure hope so! I don't want my baby to be sick!

I guess that's about it for this Wednesday! Have a good one!


  1. Put some of those pretty bible verses up in the bathroom...Especially at the wall you stare at while on the toilet. Before you know it you'll have them memorized ;)

    I'm glad you have nice weather, I'm still waiting (im)patiently for some myself!

  2. Loving this nice weather too!! I was going to suggest the same thing. I love to put Bible verses on my mirror!

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    That's so sweet your dad sends you Bible verses every day!