Thursday, April 28, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday there were horrible storms all over Middle Tennessee & everything was horribly flooded! I woke up this morning, go outside, it's GORGEOUS out, completely dry, and it feels fantastic! WOW! What a huge difference from yesterday! I mean I thought those storms were never going to end! The sirens were going off every 10 minutes and my driveway was FLOODED! I thought I was going to have to rent a canoe to get up the driveway & into the front door. It was ridiculous! Thank goodness it's over with. {At least for a few days anyhow!} It felt so wonderful today that I sat outside reading my book for awhile. I finished Relic last night & I have now started reading The Hot Zone. {It's not what it sounds like haha!} It's actually a true story about a horrible virus that was discovered in the 80's. So far it's pretty good. {Some of it is pretty disgusting though!}

I've made two photo collages on picnik these past two days. One was of me and my family and I put that one in the {About Me} section. The other was of me and my friends, my new niece, and my best friend's little boy Blayne {who I've known since he was 2 years old & now he's 7! Love him!} Oh and I think there's one or two of Kobe in there haha! {Of course!} I love collages! In my high school art class, one of our assignments was to pick a topic and make a collage, so of course I chose weddings! At the time, Nick and Jessica were still Newlyweds {Remember that show??} And there wedding pic was the center of my collage {I loved them as a couple....I wish they would get back together!!} It was PERFECT!!!! The teacher loved it & needless to say I got an A on it! I wish she would have let me keep it, but she asked to keep it so she could show it to other students as an example. So without further are my photo collages. These are not that great because picnik only lets you do 4 photos if you don't have the premium....but I like them:

Tonight is Steve Carell's last episode ever of The Office. I am fully prepared to sob uncontrolably! I love you Michael Scott....You truly are "World's Best Bost."

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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  1. Happy Thursday! I am going to cry too when I watch the Office. Crazy storms :( I just can not believe it, you are right though... what a difference a day makes ! Over til Sunday, but sadly not for everyone! So many lost every thing, and I think the death toll is over 250 now! crazy!