Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Thoughts On Tuesday

I've been watching all these "sneek peeks" of The Office {Michael's Final Episode} & I swear I've cried after watching every single one of them. Michael Scott is the "World's Best Boss" & NO ONE {No....not even Will Ferrell} can EVER replace him! Life is going to suck without Michael Scott!

I cleaned up A LITTLE bit today, but I'm still feeling like crap! I had to go back to the doctor yesterday and they gave me cough syrup, anti-biotics, and an inhaler. I'm 23 years old & my body is failing me!

I went to the tanning bed today & on the way back home I saw one of my friends on the side of the road standing beside her car with a cop car parked behind her. I thought that her car broke down, so I turned around and went back to see if she was ok & if she needed a ride home or needed to use my phone. The mean butt-head cop got out of his car and was like "Can I help you?" And I told him I was one of her friends and I thought her car broke down and just stopped to see if she needed a ride & then I looked at her & asked if she needed to use my phone. The cop cut me off and was like "No she's fine! Get back in your car!" JEEZ! How freakin rude! THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE REASON I HATE COPS! I have never met a cop who is nice and does good things....they are all crooked and out to screw people over. Especially ones in small towns. UGH!

Since I am currently jobless, I have been cleaning some offices for some extra money. Well several times I have been screwed out of cleaning because the guy who is supposed to unlock the door of the office for me has completely ignored my txt/phone calls. GREAT! Why are people like that? I mean I really need that money and all he has to do is unlock the stinkin door for me & then leave. It's so annoying. That's rent money ya know. I guess it's nothing to him though because he has a job and doesn't have to worry about how he's going to pay his bills. Must be nice. I wish they would just give me a key so I wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. He is very unreliable and I NEED the money. I have rent to pay people!

Sorry this post was so negative....but I had to get all this out somehow! I've just been so frustrated today! I hope everyone else has had a good day though. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I sure hope so. :P

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment. I figure this is your blog and your have the right to vent if you feel like it. I love the Office and Michael Scott. I thought I might cry during the episode on husband will think I'm crazy if I do. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you are on the mend soon!