Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miscellany Monday

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This weekend has been pretty uneventful for moi! I should have been cleaning & organizing, but instead I chose to lay around & read, watch tv, and play around on the internet. I have been so exhausted here lately. I have been sleeping so good at nights, but for some reason it's just not enough. I hope that I don't have Mono again. I'm willing to bet that I am feeling badly because of the things I have been eating. As much as I don't want to admit it, my poor body cannot tolerate gluten. I have tried to ignore this fact & make excuses for awhile, but it's getting worse. I feel so tired, I have bad stomach cramps, I stay bloated after I eat something that contains gluten. I am going to have to bite the bullet & change my diet....meaning NO MORE GLUTEN WHATSOEVER! It's the only thing that is going to make me feel better. I know I would feel so much better, have more energy, and be in a better mood if I eliminated the problem. So everyone, please say a little prayer for me. I just want to feel better and be healthier. <-- Speaking of that....I have to go to the doctor first thing in the morning. I have been having some pain in my lower right abdominal area. This area is somewhat swollen & VERY TENDER. I'm thinking it could possibly be my appendix or maybe a cyst on my ovary. Whatever it is, I hope that it's no big deal and can be easily treated. {Please pray for me about this issue as well}.

This week, I am hoping to start running everyday. I always feel so much better after a good run. It gives me energy & makes me feel good about myself. I'm also going to be cleaning my apartment. I really want to get those three tables painted white, but it probably won't happen this week. I am anxious to get my apartment the way I want it to look. {Bright, homey, and inviting} I am also wanting to learn how to sew! I have a sewing machine at my parent's house, but I don't know the first thing about sewing. I am very excited to learn though, because I have so many cute projects I want to get started on. I would also love to have a monogrammer! One of my graduation presents was the Cricut. I still haven't picked out the one I want, but I am anxious to get started with that as well. I want to make some cute stuff for my future classroom, as well as some things for my apartment. So much to do! ;) Happy Monday Y'all!

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  1. Praying for you girl! I am gluten sensitive ( I can still have a little) and so I get it!! If you need anything or have any questions don't hesitate to ask! And you can go it... I have learned to love running!