Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful Saturday!

Last night was VERY DISAPPOINTING to say the least. BUT...I'm not going to let it get me down. I have been doing a lot of thinking & I'm not going to waste my time on people who refuse to make time for me. SO....with that being said...I'm going to spend some time focusing on MYSELF & WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY. I'm going to finish organizing my apartment & get my furniture painted & stay focused on the things that bring me true joy. Good things are going to come my way (a good man is going to come my way) & I have faith in that. But...until he does...I'm going to make things all about ME. Of course I'm not going to be completely selfish, but I am going to do stuff that makes me happy instead of sitting here wondering when my life is going to get better....I'm going to take charge & make things better for myself, while giving the rest to my wonderful, forgiving God. There are so many things I have to be thankful for in my life & just to remind myself of those things, I'm going to share with you guys what those things are. Here we go:

1. My wonderful, loving family. They are always there for me no matter what. I mean, my Mama has literally driven to my apartment at 1 in the morning to take care of me when I got food poisoning. My Daddy does so much for me (like taking care of my car, sending me daily bible verses, picking me honeysuckles ever year when they first come out because I love them so much.) My little brother is such a great guy & he's always the first one by my side when I get my feelings hurt or when I need him. He's a great brother & also a wonderful friend.

2. My sweet Kobe. He makes me smile EVERY SINGLE DAY. He is my baby and I'm so happy he came into my life four years ago. Plus he's just super cute!

3. My apartment

4. My car that gets me where I need to go.

5. All my nice clothes.

6. Friends. Old friends, new friends, and my blog friends!

7. Good memories

8. My parent's 40 acres. There's nothing better than going HOME when I feel like there's just too much pressure & the world gets me down. I love to go home & ride 4wheelers, cook-out with my family, and go for a nice, peaceful run.

9. My health, as well as my family's health.

10. Summer is almost here. No more dark, depressing winter. I need some sunshine & warm weather in my life. Thank you God for good weather.

Happy Easter Everyone! Remember to be thankful for all the wonderful things God has blessed you with. :)

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