Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Today has been great so far. I had to take my time-sheet to get signed by the principal of the school that I subbed for. While I was there, I figured I would see "my babies" (even though they aren't babies at all they're third graders!). I knew that they would be in lunch, so I walked down to the cafeteria knowing that as soon as I walked through the door it was going to be total chaos! (So sorry to the lunch monitor!) Sure enough I was TACKLED by 22 3rd graders screaming "MS. CHIANNE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??" Of course they wanted to know if I would stay for the rest of the day. They also asked me if I was going on their field trip at the end of the year with them. Their teacher invited me to go last week & I told her I would. They were really excited when I told them I was going with them! I loved every minute of being there with them! Those kids are so awesome and I am so blessed to have been able to do my student teaching with them & to get to sub in their class for a few weeks. :)

I stopped by the gas station on the way home to get a gatorade & sitting right outside the door was a sweet little dog waiting for his owner to come out. I thought this was so precious! He had light blue eyes that were just gorgeous! I stopped to pet him and talk to him on the way out haha! (I couldn't help myself...I love animals!)

I'm babysitting again this afternoon. I wasn't supposed to but again, he wanted Ms. Chianne to pick him up from school and stay with him, so I said I would. How could I turn that down? What a great kid! We come in from school and get his homework done & then we start our "movie time". He loves this! His mom leaves popcorn for us to pop and we will watch a couple of movies that he picks out (or that I bring) until his mom gets home since it's been way too cold to go outside and play. Today i'm bringing Dennis The Mennace. I loved that movie growing up (still do) and I hope he likes it too! We'll see!

Here are a few pics of my baby Kobe that I wanted to share with you guys! He is so beautiful and such a sweetheart (to me anyways...he doesn't really like other people!) Enjoy! Have a good Thursday!

Kobe at his 4th birthday party. (Yes my cat gets birthday parties!)

Kobe & his friend Lavar! (Too funny! He is so mad in this pic!)

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