Sunday, March 13, 2011


I went to see my niece yesterday & she just gets prettier each time I see her! It amazes me how much babies change within the first few days they are born. When I first saw Elvia she was the spitting image of Jess, but when I went to see her on Saturday I noticed she is starting to look more like Daniel. She has Jessica's eyes and Daniel's nose. And she most definitely can give a good old fashioned Jessica Bowman glare and throw a Jessica fit haha! But that's ok because she's just so darned cute that she can get away with anything!! I sat & held her for the longest time just looking at how tiny she is. She slept the whole time I had her, but woke up right before I was about to leave so I could talk to her for a minute and tell her I loved her. What an angel baby!

This weekend FLEW by. Which doesn't really make a difference to me because I am now jobless again (unless someone calls needing a sub for their classroom). I am really going to miss subbing at Westside. I really looked forward to waking up early every morning, having my coffee & getting ready for the day, getting to school & going through the daily routine of being the third grade teacher. I am glad Ms. Pirtle is feeling better though. I will miss the kids so much, but hopefully I can drop in from time to time to see them. I can't wait to have my own classroom. Hopefully I won't have to wait much longer before that happens. I am dying to get my Cricut and get started on some cute classroom decorations. I want to have the cutest, most welcoming classroom ever! I want my students to look forward to coming to their classroom every day. I also want to get started on my rules and procedures list. There's so much to do & I am looking forward to it! :) I cannot wait to be a teacher!!

*Oh don't forget the time changed! Set your clocks an hour ahead. "Spring forward!"

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