Monday, March 7, 2011

Organization & Labeling

This is my last week at Westside & I have to admit that I am going to miss those kids so much! I am so glad that I got the opportunity to work with them again (after student teaching in the fall). I guess I will have plenty of time on my hands to do some major house cleaning. I have been wanting to clean up and rearrange for some time now, but I haven't really had the time. I'm also wanting to get my Cricut and start on some cute classroom decorations (and maybe a few for the apartment!) I just know that this place needs to be cleaned & I am ready for a change! It's definitely time for a spring cleaning! Plus...there's nothing better than a nice, clean house! I need some clear plastic containers to store some things in! That would be a major help! Plus I have a label maker, so I need to find that thing and start labeling so not only will my house be clean, it will also be organized! That would be a dream come true lol! I think i'm going to add that to my list of resolutions for this get everything organized & labeled! Well...I guess that's it for tonight. :)

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