Monday, March 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters Today was my first day babysitting for an amazing little boy who I used to have in my class at the daycare but I hadn't seen him in a couple of years. I knew he wouldn't be a problem at all and we had an awesome afternoon. I picked him up from his school and he came in, sat down, and started his homework. We then played for a few hours and watched a movie. What a great kid! I hope I have 3 just like him! I'm hoping to get started on my painting projects soon. I cannot wait to get rid of this ugly brown color and get some pretty white up in here! It will change the look of the whole room! Now that I'm newly single, I feel like there is so much that I want (and should do) for some reason! Maybe it's to keep my mind occupied so I don't get all sad & lonely. Who knows. All I know is I have a list of things I want to do and I have never had this much energy in my life!! Tomorrow I will be going around to all the schools in Cannon County and delivering my resumes, as well as my personal philosophy to each principal in hopes that I can get a job SOMEWHERE in the county next year. Graduating in December is not a good time at all, but it beats not graduating, so i'm not complaining! I'm almost done with my Nicholas Sparks book "A Bend In The Road". So far it's been a great read. I'm dying to find out who the so called killer is though!! Michael Scott is FINALLY ENGAGED FOR REAL!!! I am so excited, but so sad that he will be leaving the show! How will they ever have an Office without Michael??? Ok....well I think that's about all I have for this Monday. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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