Thursday, March 3, 2011

"If I Only Could Be Running Up That Hill..."

I know it's been awhile since I've updated this thing, so I figured that while I'm waiting for the new episode of The Office (which I am really excited about) to come on I will catch everyone up on what's been happening in my life. The last blog I posted was about how nervous/excited I was about student teaching....well that has come & gone. That ended up being a wonderful experience! I met some awesome people, who I learned a lot from & worked with some amazing kids who I loved (and hated leaving)! I graduated in December & boy let me tell you...that was a day that I thought would never come....but FINALLY it did & I was so proud of myself for getting through college and accomplishing my goal of becoming a teacher. But....I wasn't done yet....I still had one last Praxis exam to pass before I could get my teaching license. The test was in January & it was (in my opinion) the hardest test out of all the other Praxis tests. There were four sections on the test: English, Math, Social Studies, & Science. I had been studying for weeks & I felt prepared. I got through the first section of the test (English) with no problem. The next section (Math) was a different story. I am HORRIBLE at Math. Especially on timed tests. It's like I freak out & forget everything. Long story short I took way too much time on the Math section & didn't have enough time for Social Studies and Science. I basically had to guess on almost all of the Science questions. I didn't even get to read most of them. I left the testing center that day just KNOWING that I had failed that test & I was going to have to retake it, which would set me back another few months on finding a good teaching job. I felt horrible! . My Mama asked me how the test went later that evening & I told her that it would be a miracle from God if I passed. Well.....I got my miracle from God because a few weeks went by & I got my tests results & SOMEHOW I passed!!!! I was so happy & THANKFUL!!! What a relief!!

I haven't found a teaching job yet. I am currently a sub in Cannon County until I can find a teaching position. I have been subbing at Westside for about 3 weeks & will be there until next Friday. Hopefully after that, I will keep getting calls and be able to keep the money coming in for awhile until I can find something. (I've got to pay the rent!) :) I am really hoping that 2011 is a lot better than 2010 was. There are a lot of goals that I am hoping to accomplish this year.
1.) Get a teaching job that I love.
2.) Start on cute projects for my classroom.
3.) Start running again and working out.
4.) Taking better care of myself in general.
5.) Clean up my apartment....and KEEP IT CLEAN!!

*These are just a few of my goals....there are a few other (personal) things I want to achieve for myself as well & hopefully this will be my year to do it!

I'm off to bed now...5 a.m. comes early & I have to have plenty of energy for a class of 23 third graders! :) Goodnight all!!

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