Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hard 2 Love

It seems i'm back to square one. I had been seeing someone that I thought was absolutely wonderful and could be the right one for me. Well that all came to an end today. But, instead of doing what I usually do & shutting myself away or getting mad, I have decided to just deal with it & move on. (Of course I am furious that he wasted so much of my time & was a complete jerk :) but that's neither here nor there. I am going to take this opportunity to better myself & to come out on top instead of doing the opposite. (Which is what I usually do when my heart is broken). I am going to use this time to meet new & way better people & do things for myself. I am going to start on the projects for my classroom and apartment. I am going to spend time with family and friends. I'm going to start running & working out again. I am going to expand my mind and read as many new books as I possibly can. The old Chianne is gone. So sorry you missed out on the new & improved one.... ;) Things I am thankful for today: 1). Supportive family members that would literally drive all the way to Murfreesboro to be with their broken hearted daughter. 2). Kobe (who somehow always knows when I'm upset) 3). Haystak's song "Hard 2 Love" (which at the moment is very appropriate) 4). Great books that I can get lost in for a little while. 5). Upcoming projects (like painting the desk, coffee table, and end table white) 6). Babysitting for a wonderful, sweet little boy this week. 7). A day with my Papaw this week. (Maybe lunch at Joe's too! YUM!) 8). My honeysuckle wallflowers. They make my whole apartment smell so wonderful and "summery" 9). My Ipod! 10). My sheets that I got from my Grandma! They are very retro & I love them so much! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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