Sunday, August 22, 2010

Times Are Changing

Tomorrow is my first day as a student teacher in a class of third graders in Cannon County! I'm very excited & looking forward to getting to know the kids, as well as becoming their teacher for a few weeks. I am very nervous, but everyone keeps telling me I will do great, so if I have that many people believing in me, surely I can't be that bad of a teacher! :) I will admit that I have a tough semester ahead of me. It's not as simple as just walking into the classroom & teaching a few lessons & then graduating in December. It's writing lesson plans, composing a unit plan, going to a few all day seminars, TK20 (which is the worst invention ever!), being observed & critiqued by my supervisor & CT. Hopefully I will be able to overcome all these obstacles & in December, I will FINALLY graduate from Middle Tennessee State University. I will probably have to sub for the remainder of that school year, because (most likely) schools will not hire a teacher in January. (It would be great if they did though!) I am really looking forward to December 18th! (Graduation day!!) I will be graduating at 9 a.m. on that particular day! Honestly, this is a very big deal for me! When I first started MTSU in 2005, I never really thought I would stay in college & graduate! I thought for sure I would get sick of it after the first semester or two & decide to drop out! I really proved myself wrong though & I'm very happy about that! I have worked my butt off to be were I am today. I'm very proud of myself & I'm ready for some changes in my life. I'm ready to have my own classroom, my own little house (that I would share with Kobe of course!), a sweet loving husband who's going to love me for me & not try to change me, & of course a baby. I'm so ready....bring it on!! :)

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